Restoration & Repairs

Pinball Refurbishing Process

We have been restoring games for many years but now more than ever the demand for games that look and play like new (or better) is a big part of our business. Especially now world supply of pinball machines is drying up. You can now purchase many of your favorite games restored to their former glory. 

We can attempt to source your favorite game for you and restore it or restore a game you already own to any level that suits you and your budget. We can assist with shipping for clients not based within Europe. 

We generally aim to restore any part of a game that is less than 8/10 of original, which often means : 

* Cabinet Re-Stencil / Re-Decal
* Have all trim powder coated, regrained or even mirror polished for that extra wow factor
* New, Restored or replacement Backglass / Multi-Layered Translite
* New playfield plastics parts (Posts, Bumper Parts including cap, lane guides, drop targets, stand up targets etc etc)
* Playfield repair, overlay or replacement.
* Legs, Feet, Bolts restored or replaced with new.
* Game Circuit Boards, Refurbished or Replaced with new.
* Score Displays, Refurbished or Replaced with new (LED).
* Locate original manual/paperwork for the game

* Replace bad circuit boards and rebuild bad connectors as necessary
* Vacuum inside of a cabinet

* Install new flipper buttons
* Repaint or replace coin door as necessary
* Rebuild flippers

* Install new balls
* Do final playtest

Here are some recent examples of some our general and major restorations : 

* Big Guns
* Black Knight 2000 
* Captain Fantastic 
* Dolly Parton 
* Elvira and the Party Monsters 
* F-14 Tomcat 
* Flash 
* Fathom 
* Firepower 
* Fish Tails 
* Gorgar 
* The Incredible HULK 
* Joker Poker 
* Six Million Dollar Man 
* Lost World 
* Paragon 
* Harlem Globetrotters 
* High Speed 
* PlayBoy 
* Eight Ball 
* Eight Ball Deluxe 
* Flash Gordon 
* Star Trek 
* Mata Hari 
* Night Rider 
* No Fear 
* Evel Knievel 
* Strikes and Spares 
* Silverball 
* Space Invaders 
* Space Shuttle  
* Xenon
* More Coming Soon! 

Remember that  Pinball  Huis has a 1 year parts warranty, lifetime phone support, and we cover a service call if necessary in the first 30 days you are enjoying your machine! For more info Contact Us


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