Cactus Canyon (HEP), 1999 Bally:  
HEP(Christopher Hutchins) restored cactus canyon. Plaque #902 matches the serial # of the machine. Zero blemishes, zero issues. Perfect in every way. Color dot matrix display, laseriffic topper. Has Test 0.2 ROM, chrome guns with pearl handles. Chrome legs, lock-down bar & rails. Mirror blades. LED eyes in bart by Chris himself. Chrome train & stock train included. LEDs under playfield, regular bulbs in G.I. I see a lot of CC for sale with “perfect, but.” or “only minor wear.” this machine is the nicest CC in the Country and plays perfectly as tuned by Chris. Game number 902 out of 925 made. Plaque matches serial number. Plaque has not been mounted to game. It is in a zip lock bag and included. The game is perfect. pinball machine restoration, pinball machines for sale, quality pinball and arcade machines

Cactus Canyon - Bally - 1999

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    • Multi-Ball



    Big Bang Bar is a pinball machine from June 1996, manufactured by Capcom Coin-Op, Inc.


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